St Francis Church

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While we are living in these uncertain times we can be certain of Gods love, we want to continue to share Gods love with everyone and we are providing as many resources as we can to help.

"Fear is contagious but so are faith, hope and love, lets share these instead of fear"

We have now launched our YouTube Channel, find it here

Find us on Facebook - @stfrancischurchluton

Instagram - stfrancisluton

Twitter - @LutonStFChurch

As a church during this time we are committing to pray daily at 11am for each other during this time of separation, if you would like us to include you in our daily prayers please get in touch here

We have a weekly email that has a mini Sunday service as well as regular notices, if you want to subscribe to this email please contact here

If you are new to praying or even new to exploring faith this site may help - Trypraying

This course has been made free till the 27th March, click here to enrol

Children's Ministry News - here

Watercolour Tutorial from Christine - Click here

Free Childrens resources from Heartshaper here

A Lesson - Push ups and doughnuts - click here

Jacky has set 5 Biblical Questions to her Housegroup and wondered if Housegroup Leader's and other Group Leaders would like to do the same, (just once a week) the conditions are you are not allowed to look on the net for the answers but go to the back of your bibles to the index and look up the Names, Places etc.,     Enjoy

More resources coming soon.....