What we Believe

Being a Christian is about following Jesus 24/7 whether that’s at home, at work, at play or in church.

St Francis is a church that comes together each week to worship God. We bring worship to Jesus, by the Holy Spirit to the Father. We believe that God loves EVERYONE, this includes you!

As a group of Christians we believe that our purpose is to show the love of God to our neighbours through sharing the story of Jesus, and in practical ways too, such as helping our local community.

An important part of faith is praying, it’s our way of talking to God. If you’ve never prayed before then do not worry, we have a handy website you can visit HERE that we let you know how to begin.

Another part of our faith is reading the Bible; we believe the Bible is God’s word and our ‘Study Guide’ for life. Again if you have never read the Bible before then do not worry, click HERE, where there are some helpful ideas on where to begin.