If you are thinking about having your child Christened we would be delighted to hear from you. The birth of a baby is a very special occasion and one worth celebrating before God as a family. Whether you are thinking about a Christening for a baby or an older child we hope the following will answer some questions and explain what you should do next. 

What is a Christening?

  • for people of all ages;
  • much more than a naming ceremony
  • a public sign you intend to bring your child up in the Christian faith
  • a commitment by the church to support you as a family in your journey of faith together;
  • a commitment by the parents and godparents to help your child grow in faith and become part of the church family.
What is Thanksgiving?
  • an opportunity to celebrate and give public thanks for your child alongside your family and friends;
  • a recognition of the gift of your child without the need to make any particular promises about faith;
  • an alternative or the first stage to a Christening.

Who can be Christened at St Francis Church?
Providing you live within the parish of St Francis we can begin to talk about what happens next, to find out if you live within the parish click here. If you live outside the parish, things are not so straightforward but either way please ring the office on 01582 451132 to talk with the Administrator or Vicar. 

If you would like to know more about Christenings the Church of England has lots of information on their website, just click here and you will be re-directed.